National Best Friends Day

A Great Day For Good Firends

A Poem For National Best Friends Day

June 8th is National Best Friends Day. As can be said for almost any holiday or observance, the people being honored ought to be appreciated everyday, not only 1 day out the year. Although this is certainly true, I think it’s necessary to have a day designated especially for friendship. Friends, however cheesy the expression is, are the family that we select. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of making new friends in addition to mostly only the lows of feeling as I don’t have any friends. During the journey, I’ve realized how important of a role my best friends play in my entire life. From staying close to some buddies and developing distant from the others, I have begun to understand how amazing my friends in my life are. They are my support system, my confidences, my partners in crime. My best friends are those that I can be myself about because I know they won’t judge. Despite the fact that I know all this to be true, I don’t always tell my friends how much I adore them. That is why I think National Best Friends Day to be important. In honor of the day, I’ve written a poem as a tribute to my best buddies.

Make me smile,

Make me laugh,

That is exactly who you are.

Always bring a happy face;

Happiness is ours.

I can always count on you

To lift me up when I am down.

That is why I just want to say,

I am glad when you’re around!

Most importantly, I need to say thank you. The hard times are made simpler and the normal times brighter with my best friends by my side. My life would be incomplete without them.

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