National Best Friends Day

A Great Day For Good Firends

How to Celebrate Your BFF on Best Friend Day

1. Create a BFF movie

Stuff all of the glory days of your friendship into a short animated movie. If you do not have a way to produce the video by yourself, enables you to opt for a soundtrack, add text and upload videos and photos. Then it automatically creates a miniature movie for you and your very best friend.

2. Plan a girlfriend escape

Head to Vegas and go crazy, or spend a relaxing weekend at a spa or wine tasting.

3. Make a mix tape

Take that road trip song you could not help but sing on top of your lungs with each other, or the slow jam that was playing when her secret crush finally asked her out and set them on a mix CD. Then make it appear cool it using our free printable CD sleeve.

4. Give her the moon and stars

Well, perhaps not the moon. Name a star after her so that she can feel like the celebrity friend she is. Aww! We made ourselves tear up.

5. Play hooky together

Call off work on exactly the same day to hit the beach or a film. If you are not that big of a kid, suggest you take a PTO day to hang out during the week while the children are in college, or to prevent weekend crowds.

6. Get your zen on

Unwind together in a yoga class or mediation location. Locate an outdoor course at the beach or a park so that you can both get even closer to nirvana.

7. Binge on chick flicks (no boys allowed)

Grab your favourite girly movies and select a night to binge watch them over a bowl of candy and popcorn. And bring tissues. You know you will both get misty-eyed in the love scenes.

8. Stroll down memory lane

Go to a location with sentimental value, such as the book store where you first met for coffee or the bar happy hour in which you had your first heart to heart.

9. Give her a Face(book) time

Turn your FB timeline or Instagram feed into a tribute to her awesomeness with pictures of all of the good times you have shared together.

10. Show her you love her a latte

Make her morning a little less hectic by popping by with with her favorite latte or coffee, so that she can start the day off right.

11. Make her a friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets … you remember those? Remind her of the great old days you shared as children with a nostalgic homemade present.

12. Pass her a love note

If you do not live close enough to fulfill, email her a handwritten note reminiscent of the ones you used to pass each other in class. She will love getting something in the mail that is not a charge or a grocery store coupon.

13. Get fabulous

Treat yo’ selves to new shoes or clothes. Then get blow outs and mani pedis and care for the world to your fabulous selves.

14. Pose like super models

Now that you are fabulous (see #13), hire a photographer to be your own paparazzi and snap a few pictures of the both of you at all your favorite places.

15. Name a cocktail after her

The Fizzy Izzy? The Tina Twist? Or just keep it simple with her entire name, so everybody knows it is officially her cocktail. There is even a site where you could get your beverage copyright certified.

16. Send her on a scavenger hunt

The playground in which you first met. The ice cream store where you shared sundaes. Create fun clues that send her to all the areas that are meaningful to your friendship.

17. Do a karaoke duet

Be rock stars for the night and carry out a dazzling encore-worthy duet in the neighborhood karaoke bar.

18. Throw a Pinterest celebration

Get all the supplies to eventually do those remarkable Pinterest crafts you have been obsessing over.

19. Ask her on a FaceTime date

If you are not close enough to get together in person, schedule a FaceTime, Google+ Hangout or Skype date and catch up on all the latest gossip.

20. Have a tea party

Whip up a plate of finger sandwiches, scones and mini tea cakes, brew some leaves and spend some quality time catching up like proper ladies.

21. Host a sleepover

Nail polish. Popcorn. Scary movies. Gather everything you will need to relive all of your slumber party customs, such as painting each others nails or clutching each other in terror once the zombies appear.

22. Try a tasting menu

Splurge and proceed to this trendy gourmet bistro you have been dying to try to order the tasting menu.

23. Give her a candy surprise

Prove, and tell her, how beautiful you think she’s with a box of our decadent dipped cake truffles in all of her favorite tastes, such as red velvet and s amores. The best part: the funniest secret messages hidden under each truffle. It’s the ideal way to share a piece (or in this case, bite) of cake with her from afar.

24. …

#24? That is up to you. Whether buying a best friend gift  or sending berries, then tell us how you are going to make this BFF day, unforgettably, epically enjoyable. We can not wait to hear all about it!

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